Why UK businesses should NOT use .com domains

Nominet.org.uk is the registry that administers all British domain extensions ending in .co.uk

It is a non-profit private organization established in the mid nineteen nineties. Since 2007 Nominet has been measuring the British public‟s trust and preference in their local .co.uk domain extension compared to the global .com extension.

The registry posed questions to British consumers, based on their inherent trust and preference when searching and shopping online. They were asked “Would you chose to visit a .uk website over a .com website when presented with a search result?”…… 80% of the respondents answered that they would trust and visit the .co.uk result over the .com result.

Nominet has posed this question to the British public since 2007, since then the result has climbed from 73% up to the current 80%, a heavy bias towards the local .co.uk extension in comparison with the global .com extension.

Since 2009 Nominet has further checked the difference between informational searches and purchasing searches. This shows that when British consumers are looking to buy a product or service they prefer a .co.uk website over a .com website 77% of the time. This preference shows very little variance when looking at different age groups and geographical location.

According to Nominet the preference is driven by “…UK consumers’ perception that .co.uk is more secure, credible and trusted than .com. They also consider .co.uk more familiar, friendly and
responsible than .com”.


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